Pegasys™ CMM Automated Gauging

Our Pegasys™ system offers a new and innovative approach to the automated gauging needs of manufacturers. It is no longer necessary to use expensive, fixed gauges with a limited useful life. Pegasys™ is a rugged, fully automatic, high speed CMM-style gauging system which provides accurate, quantitative data right on the plant floor. Pegasys™ never becomes obsolete because it is easily re-programmed when parts change or new products are introduced. Operators simply place the part in the holding fixture, pick the part checking program on the PC interface, and walk away while the machine does the rest.  Additional parts can be loaded into other holding fixtures and placed in the check queue while Pegasys™ is gauging a part.

Pegasys™ offers unique benefits to traditional gauging processes by:


• Reducing scrap by automatically tracking and detecting process variation

• Streamlining Quality Control by placing the gauging process on the production floor

• Using only one tool to enable ISO, and QS compliance, PPAP’s, tooling development,

  and engineering changes

• Saving money over the cost of dedicated go/no-go gauges and lab CMMs

• Saving labor costs of bench-checking parts and manually entering SPC data

• Gauging dozens of parts and multiple programs on a single automated machine

• Enabling easy operation – load an attribute and press go.

• Providing quantitative data and statistical analysis capability in real time on your network

• Tracking all KDF for each part number by machine and operator

• Storing and printing SPC data in textual and graphical format

• Automatically emailing key personnel when (or before) a process goes out of tolerance

• Providing an optional vision camera, laser scanner head, tool changer, and more


Criterion can also offer turn-key CNC compensation systems which utilize the Pegasys™ CMM Gauging measurements at the production machining center to automatically generate CNC machine G-code adjustments based on the component incoming and/or outgoing gauge measurements.


Numerous parts are gauged daily on our flexible plant floor CMM gauging machines that are sent to the Big 3 and their suppliers, as well as to the furniture and appliance industries. These automated machines are ideal for stampings, roll formed parts, extrusions, castings, CNC machined parts, injection molded parts, and assemblies. A single machine can be used to gauge dozens of parts.  Pegasys™ will even perform your layouts and tolerance stackups for you on final assembly.


Get a turn-key plant floor CMM installed and checking all quality control KDF on ten complex parts for under $100k.

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