Pattern Masterâ„¢ 3D CNC Milling & Router Systems

Criterion Manufacturing Solutions designs cutting equipment to meet the unique needs of the pattern industry and other unique applications. Using either a Gantry or Top Running Bridge design, the PATTERN MASTER milling machines can quickly produce accurate, high quality patterns and models. This easy-to-use system will help you address the marketplace demand for quick solids and the need for 3-D CNC milling capability.


Pattern Master offers the following benefits:

Through the Spindle Debris Evacuation:


Hollow spindles that allow for removal of chips or debris during cutting are standard on our large Pattern Master routers.


Available Multi-Axis Spindles:


We have supplied our customers with spindle ranging from automated five axis cutting to manually adjustable spindles.

Automated Tool Changers:


Tool changers for any style of tooling are available. This allows for multiple cutter paths to be run concurrently with no manual resetting of a job.




Due to our modular construction, machines can be extended at a later date for longer cutting envelopes.




The Pattern Master can perform rapid moves over 1000 in/m and cut at any speed your cutters will allow. The long envelope allows large patterns to be cut in only one setup reducing overall job time. Our unique adaptive feedrate feature allows 24 hour unattended operation.


Ease of Use:


Our Delta Tau control is plug and play compatible with your existing network. Job setup wizards & visualization screens insure quick, accurate setups. Optional controls are available.




Use Pattern Master to cut polystyrene, modeling board or other medium density materials.


Rugged & Reliable:


Machines are designed and manufactured with stress relieved steel components. Heavy duty linear bearings and ways insure accurate and smooth motion.

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