eValet offers the following advantages over traditional garage parking.


Construction volume reduced by 50% vs traditional parking systems

Resulting in ˜ 1,000 less trucks of dirt excavation and haul-off

Footprint reduced by 33%

Resulting in superior storm water management by increasing the permeable surface area

Vehicle emissions reduced

Eliminates at least 10,000 vehicle mi/yr of vehicle idling

Energy consumption lowered

Less lighting required

Reduced ventilation requirements

Security increased


Criterion Manufacturing Solution’s newest product, eValet, provides an economical, energy-efficient, user friendly solution for the storage of vehicles. Cars are parked using robotic equipment – without any intervention from the driver. The driver pulls their vehicle into a parking area, leaves the vehicle, swipes a credit card and leaves. The car is picked up, carried onto a crane and stored until the driver needs to retrieve their car. The entire process is reversed when the driver returns for his car. This process takes approximately 1 minute.

Superior vehicle protection from other users and vehicles

Vault-like protection against auto theft and vandalism

Safety increased

Well-lit, flat entry area provides reduced accident potential

Single entry/exit location provides greater personal security for users

Parking convenience

No searching for a parking place

Park in the “best location” every time

Backing up never required – pull in, pull out

Less time parking the vehicle – pull up, swipe card and go

Less time exiting the parking garage – average vehicle returned in about 1 minute

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Automated Parking eValet vs Traditional Parking

Additional benefits of an automated parking system include:


•  100% ADA compliant parking solution

•  2-3 times more parking in the same amount of

   space as traditional parking

•  Enhanced safety and lowered security costs

•  Elimination of elevators, ramps and stairs (Life

   Safety and Maintenance access only)

•  Minimum ventilation and lighting requirements

   yield substantial long term energy savings

•  Faster than Valet Service

•  Car idling times and corresponding emissions

   drastically reduced

* Includes typical time to take elevator, walk to car,

   drive to exit, pay and leave parking structure

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