Touchless Entry Screening Kiosk

Completes all Covid-19 Entry Requirements in Under 10 Seconds

Key Features

Customizable Questionnaire

Fast & touchless using wave of hand or QR code

Skin Temperature Measurement

Accurate +/- 0.9°F

User Identification

Electronic ID Card or QR code

Alert Notifications

On screen, audible & email

Managed Data

Stored, accessible & secure

Customized Reports

Shift & Daily Reporting


  • Identify user, measure temperature & answer questions in under 10 seconds
  • Send alert emails immediately
  • Automatically collect data and create reports


  • Measure temperature using hi-grade sensors & multiple input data
  • Automated reporting is not subject to human error


  • Non-touch
  • Self-Screening – does not require close contact with other people
  • Prevent entry through staff notification or restricted access

Designed and built in Grand Rapids, MI

Patent Pending

*Criterion's Entry Screening Kiosk is not intended for medical diagnosis and is not approved by the FDA*


We’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the Health Screening Kiosk. For more information and troubleshooting tips, please contact us.


Q: Where is the information stored?

A: Local on tablet

Q: Can information be stored on our server?

A: Yes, on network drive is easiest

Q: Can pictures only be captured if failed?

A: Soon

Q: Can temperature be recorded as pass/fail rather than a specific number? A: Yes
Q: How is the temperature measured? A: Infrared non-contact thermopile detector with time-of-flight laser distance sensor
Q: Can the information on the screens be changed? A: Yes, customer can change the screens to best meet the needs of the organization.
Q: What hardware is used?

A: Microsoft, Windows 10 Pro Tablet

Q: Can system be connected through a guest wifi network? A: Yes
Q: Is the system LAN, SIM card capable?

A: Requires USB network adapter

Q: What type of cards can be read by the card reader? A: 125 kHz RFID on default reader
Q: How far away can the user stand? A: Approximately 10-13 inches
Q: How long does the scan take? A: For an experienced user it takes about 10 seconds to scan their ID badge, measure temperature and answer questions.
Q: Can I gather visitor information? A: Yes, using their assigned ID card.
Q: Can questions be changed? A: Yes, all screens, including question screens, can be customized.
Q: How many people can be notified if there is an alert? A: Alerts can be sent to up to 2 email addresses.
Q: What reporting features are available? A: Shifts, daily and weekly reports can be sent up to 2 email addresses.
Q: Can a label be printed with an acceptable screening? A: Yes, with optional output module.
Q: Can doors be unlocked with acceptable screening? A: Yes, with optional output module.
Q: Are there audio alerts in case of an elevated temperature? A: Yes.  An audible alert can be activated.   An optional speaker is required for a high volume alert.
Q: Does the system require calibration or maintenance? A: Clean temp sensor with isopropyl alcohol, check calibration.
Q: Can the system be used outside? A: The kiosk is not waterproof but will operate outside under proper conditions.
Q: Can the system operate in a hot environment? A: Yes
Q: What features are customizable?

A: Temperature warning threshold (high & low) user screens, questions, email addresses

Q: What is the warranty? A: 1 year on defective parts
Q: What type of service is provided if we need help? A: Criterion offers up to 2 hours of phone support.
Q: How is the software updated?

A: Use a USB drive and run an installer

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