Touchless Entry Screening Kiosk

Completes all Covid-19 Entry Requirements in Under 10 Seconds

Criterion introduces a self screening kiosk designed to complete all COVID-19 entry requirements in less than 10 seconds. Individuals can scan in using an identification card, measure their skin temperature and answer questions all without touching the kiosk. If an individual does not meet the entry requirements during their self screening, an email is sent to designated staff members. Improve the safety, efficiency and effectiveness of your entry screening process with the touchless kiosk by Criterion.

Key Features

Customizable Questionnaire

Fast & touchless using wave of hand or QR code

Skin Temperature Measurement

Accurate +/- 0.9°F

User Identification

Electronic ID Card or QR code

Alert Notifications

On screen, audible & email

Managed Data

Stored, accessible & secure

Customized Reports

Shift & Daily Reporting


  • Identify user, measure temperature & answer questions in under 10 seconds
  • Send alert emails immediately
  • Automatically collect data and create reports


  • Measure temperature using hi-grade sensors & multiple input data
  • Automated reporting is not subject to human error


  • Non-touch
  • Self-Screening – does not require close contact with other people
  • Prevent entry through staff notification or restricted access

Designed and built in Grand Rapids, MI

Patent Pending

*Criterion's Entry Screening Kiosk is not intended for medical diagnosis and is not approved by the FDA*


We’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions surrounding the Health Screening Kiosk. For more information and troubleshooting tips, please contact us.

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