Custom Automation Solutions

Making it Easier, Safer, and Faster to Produce Quality Products

Engineering Solutions to Your Manufacturing Problems


When off the shelf CNC machines don't meet your needs, Criterion can provide a custom CNC system to fit your exact machining envelope, speed, and precision requirements.


Criterion designs assembly systems that incorporate the benefits of custom automation, standard equipment, and operator involvement for the most cost-effective solution.


Quality assurance activities don’t have to slow down production volume. Criterion can integrate various inspection methodologies into your production process to identify issues immediately, ensuring defect free on-time delivery.

Increase Your Production
& Deliver On Time

Can’t find enough laborers to staff your facility? Are the operators you have too valuable to assign to repetitive tasks? Criterion can help automate your process – increasing production, decreasing labor costs and maximizing the value of your workforce.

Minimize Safety Risk.
Maximize Quality.

Do you perform tasks in which the risk of injury is too high? Is achieving your quality standards a challenge due to human limitations? Criterion designs automated systems that prioritize workforce safety and consistent quality.   

In-House, Hassle-Free Design

Are you too busy to take on one more project? Our team of automation specialists will design, build, program and install your automation system. Using proven technology and over 35 years of experience in a wide variety of applications, you can trust Criterion to deliver equipment that works and lasts for decades.

How to Implement Successful Automation

1. Talk With A Specialist​

Schedule a complimentary meeting with our automation specialists. This is your opportunity to ask questions about our automation process, and for us to gain more clarity about your needs.

2. Initiate Your Custom Automation Solution

Criterion's proven process which includes multiple collaborative discussions between you and our team will result in an automation solution that achieves your goals. Frequent progress updates will free you to focus on other priorities knowing that your project will be successfully implemented.

3. Save Time, Money, and Labor

At the end of the project, you'll have a custom solution in place and our expert service team available if you need us. You will reliably manufacture quality products on time.

Trusted Partner for Implementing Custom Automation Solutions

Criterion proudly serves leading companies in aerospace, automotive, furniture, and other manufacturing industries.