Custom Automation Equipment That Works!

Designed - Built - Controlled - Installed

Make Your Production: Better, Faster, Safer and Cost Effective

Let Criterion Help

Keep production lines operating at full capacity 

Achieve required quality, complexity, consistency and speed

Prevent employee injuries in the workplace

Remain cost competitive in your market

By combining Criterion's 30+ years of automation experience with your product specific knowledge, we can help you evaluate and implement your best automation solution.  Criterion's expertise in assembly, inspection, material handling, machining, welding, work cells plus a variety of special processes makes us uniquely qualified to help you find the right solution.  Our in-house design, build, control and install teams will work with you to make that solution a reality.

Operate Efficiently Around The Clock

Exceed Human Capability

Create A Safer Work Environment

Increase Profits Year Over Year

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