Assemble Test and Pack

Byrne Electrical Specialists


For almost 50 years Byrne Electrical has been an industry leader in power and data technologies. With a commitment to their customers of continual quality improvements and shorter lead times; and a commitment to their employees of an improving work environment, Byrne began investigating how automation could help them achieve their goals. Partnering with Criterion, Byrne developed an automated assembly cell that is a showcase example of transforming a tedious manual process into a fully automated cell. Busbars and back plates are loaded into the system by operators and fully assembled by 6 robots. The duplex receptacles are fully tested, labeled and then packaged in boxes by a 7th robot.


  • Nachi Robot assembled receptacle
  • Busbar, Face & Back UL Testing
  • UL Compliant Hipot testing
  • Plug functional test
  • Mechanical test
  • Fully integrated to customer inventory and order systems
  • Automatic fail and recovery for continuous assembly

unique features

  • Capable of running over 100 different receptacle styles
  • Multiple orders can be run simultaneously
  • Automatic changeover to new orders
  • Patented busbar separator