Automated Sewing

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Increasing challenges with the global supply chain and difficulty maintaining a skilled workforce have created an urgent need to implement automated solutions for cutting and sewing fabric. Criterion has responded to this need by developing an automated sewing system. After the operator positions the fabric and labels, a SCARA robot guides the fabric through the cutting and sewing operation without any intervention from the operator.

Note: Custom applications can be developed to meet the unique needs of different sewing requirements.


  • Seamstress expertise not required
  • Integrated cutting and sewing functions
  • Increased speed of production
  • Increased quality of sewing

unique features

  • End of arm tooling automatically tensions the fabric
  • Programmable cutting & sewing path
  • Capable of cutting and sewing any 2D shape
  • No bobbin sewing system for continuous operation
  • Laser projector guides operator as fabric and labels are positioned