Automated Sewing System

Cut and Sew Fabric with Minimal Labor

It is increasingly difficult to maintain a sewing staff. Outsourcing your sewing overseas can be unreliable and costly. These challenges result in delays in product delivery, quality issues and the daily stress of managing so much uncertainty. You can now automate your cut & sew process and achieve your production goals.

If you sew products…

Automate your sewing process!

  • Maintain reliable, consistent production
  • Increase quality
  • Reduce labor costs
  • Decrease the stress of daily workforce uncertainty

If you outsource sewing to overseas companies…

Bring sewing back into your plant!

  • Control product quality & inventory
  • Decrease shipping and import costs
  • Decrease the risk of shipping delays
  • Implement design changes quickly

Watch Automated Sewing in Action!

Implementing Automated Sewing in your plant is easy.

Schedule a call with an automation specialist to define your system requirements.

Approve your system design and receive updates as your design becomes reality

Implement Automated Sewing System in your plant supported by Criterion’s on-call staff.


Don’t spend one more day wondering who will show up for work or if your shipment will arrive on-time. You can now cut and sew products in your facility with minimal labor. Bring certainty back to your production schedule and achieve your production goals. Contact us today to get your customized solution started and receive Criterion’s ROI Evaluator Tool.

Designed and Built in Grand Rapids, Michigan