CNC Milling - Foam

Van's Pattern


Van’s Pattern is a national leader in the manufacture of polystyrene patterns. Over 30 years ago Dan VanderMolen, the owner, was not receiving the service he required from his current supplier. He decided to give Criterion, a new start-up company, a chance to prove themselves and purchased his first Pattern Master™ Foam Milling System. Dan now has 8 Pattern Masters™ and has worked with Criterion to implement many technological advancements in his equipment.


  • Able to cut large patterns in one set up (4 x 6 meters)
  • Adaptive feed rate allows for 24-hour unattended operation
  • Speed over 1000 inches/minute as determined by the cutters.
  • Delta Tau is compatible with existing networks.
  • Quick, accurate setups using visualization screens
  • Multi-use – polystyrene, modeling board or other medium density materials
  • Rugged & Reliable – stress relieved steel and heavy-duty linear bearings

unique features

  • Through spindle debris evacuation
  • Multi-axis spindles – from manual to 5-axis
  • Expandable cutting envelope
  • Automated tool changers for all styles of tooling – multiple cutter path runs concurrently with no manual reset.
  • Automatically adaptive feed rates for maximum cutting speeds