Flexible Gauging CMM


Flexible Gauging CMM


For over 100 years Steelcase has been designing spaces to help people work, learn and heal. Criterion’s relationship with Steelcase began over 30 years ago when Criterion was asked to replace Steelcase’s fixed gauging with a new concept – automated gauging.

PEGaSys™, was developed as a rugged shop floor measurement system. Unlike traditional CMMs which are kept in climate-controlled rooms and operated by quality trained personnel, PEGaSys™ can be located in any environment and requires only a few minutes of training. PEGaSys™ Systems operate in multiple countries with some of the original systems still in daily operation – 30 years later.


  • Accurate, quantitative data available on the shop floor and/or sent to any computer
  • Reprogrammable for new parts or part changes
  • Easy operation by shop floor personnel with minimal training
  • Automatic measurement does not require operator to be present
  • Continuous operation possible through multiple holding fixtures
  • Quality variation is monitored preventing scrap
  • Rugged
  • SPC data available in textual and graphical formats.
  • Customizable for additional inspection functions such as vision and hardness

unique features

  • Continuous operation possible through multiple holding fixtures
  • Single tool to enable ISO and QS compliance, PPAP’s, tooling development and engineering changes.
  • Automatic notification to key personnel